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Meals at the hotel «Try Syny ta Don’ka» 5*
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Restaurant “Lazurit” from the very threshold enchants you with its elegance and harmony. Here, a delicious rich cuisine combined with an exquisite design, green ornamental plantings and a glass dome roof. All this gives a unique feeling, as if you are staying under the open sky, in the midst of the incredible nature of the Skhidnitsa resort.

The restaurant has a wide Swedish menu line, which gives the guests of the Hotel «Try Syny ta Don’ka» 5* the opportunity to choose the dishes that they like. Refined and delicious dishes from the chef, along with delicious healthy snacks and salads are able to satisfy the most fastidious tastes of gourmets.

And the incredible atmosphere of the place, shrouded in beauty, comfort and calm light melodies will allow you to fully enjoy your stay in the restaurant and get from the meal not only gastronomic pleasure, but also aesthetic pleasure.


The desire or the forced need of some of our guests to eat dietetic, forced us to open a separate diet restaurant “Hummingbird”. It combines healthy and dietary dishes from the chef of the restaurant, as well as a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

In the restaurant “Kolibri” you can fully eat, getting all the necessary substances for the body and not overloading it with extra calories. At the same time, the taste qualities of dishes cooked here remain at a very high level. The cooks of the diet restaurant are always cooked with love, so the dishes here are always tasty and healthy, for the full enjoyment of the guests.

For those who want to eat in the restaurant, the dietician will make a full balanced menu for the entire stay in the hotel. And the chefs of the restaurant will embody it in unique, tasty and healthy dishes, which you can enjoy daily in the cozy atmosphere of the «Hummingbird» restaurant.


The lobby bar is located in the lobby of the first floor of the hotel. This is the most popular place for meetings and dates. The cozy atmosphere of the Lobby Bar is created by comfortable designer furniture and soft lighting. Here you can read the latest press or just “sit” behind a laptop.

At the bar, guests can order fast food, restaurant snacks, pastries, desserts, soft drinks and soft drinks, aromatic tea or fragrant coffee.


Phyto-bar is located in the SPA-center of the hotel complex «Try Syny ta Don’ka» 5*. Guests of the hotel, after relaxing SPA-procedures, swimming and staying in saunas, have the opportunity to continue the pleasure, sitting in the beautiful atmosphere of the phyto-bar.

Here you can drink an incredibly tasty tea, infused with mountain forest flowers and herbs, oxygen foam or a tasty cocktail of useful ingredients, prepared for you with the skillful hands of our bartenders.

Incredible sensations and benefits gained from staying in the hotel’s SPA center will only double from a visit to the phyto-bar. Quiet gatherings here are able to give harmony and relieve stress that has accumulated during work.


The hotel has an outdoor gazebo, where you can spend your leisure time enjoying the fresh mountain air and the beautiful nature of Skhidnitsa resort.