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SPA complex in the hotel «Try Syny ta Don’ka» 5*
Swimming pools Bath and sauna

At the SPA-center of the hotel complex «Try Syny ta Don’ka» 5* – swimming pools, various sizes, and depths. Adults will find or a great swimming pool with counter wave. There you can relax and swim, as far as huge sizes of it is impressive, you can feel yourself independently no matter how many people are there

In the SPA center there are also two small swimming pools, 0.40 m і 0.80 m in depth, which are used depending the age. It is comfortable for children here they can noy only to play in the water but also to study swimming. There are a variety of water fauntains with enjoy your eye from time to time.

The temperature of the water in the child’s pool is a few degrees above then the big swimming pools, which is a good option for the kids rest.

Also in the SPA-center you can enjoy the Jacuzzi and the contrast swimming pool. Each of them will help you to have a positive rest and treatment.


The SPA center has a great variety of saunas . In an hour in the hotel in the hotel, you can try 8 saunas
Temperatures of each saunas are different. Here you can relax, or heal your body, clean the pores on the skin, saturate the skin with aroma oils, or just leave your stress there..

The types of saunas:

Roman Sauna – from a long long ago, a kind of saunas used to be one of the most popular. 100 % humidity activating the blood circulation and implanting toxin from your body.

Classic Russian Bath – is made from eco-materials (walls, benches are wooden). For the better effect it is recommended to move more, to do massage and after that cold shower.

Finish Bath – имеет встроенную соляную панель, насыщает воздух йодом, кальцием и другими микроэлементами. Воздух наполнен сухим паром, а температура прогревается до 105⁰С. Она полезна для органов дыхания и имеет великолепный косметический эффект.

The phyto – sauna allows you to just relax and enjoy the pleasant aromas. In the tank pour essential oils, which evaporate during heating. Here you can get rid of stress, relieve tension and improve overall well-being.

The yeast sauna – sauna is low-temperature (40 ° C – 50 ° C). In it, air is filled with beer yeast vapors, well cures colds and improves immunity. It is useful to combine the stay in a sauna with cosmetic procedures.

Krakesen (hay sauna) – has on the walls of a hay insertion. These are dried herbs collected in the Carpathians. Through them heated heated to 45 C air, filling the scent of wild herbs. The sauna helps to relax and improves overall well-being

Shower impressions – often used after many high-temperature saunas. Infusion with cold water, after being in a steam room, contributes to the improvement of blood circulation, excellent well-being and the flow of energy and vigor in the body

Infrared sauna – designed for 3-4 people. In the walls and under the seats mounted infrared heaters that heat up to 60? C. It can be visited daily, and to achieve a beneficial effect, it takes much less time than in other saunas.

Turkish bath (hammam) – has the lowest air temperature – 40⁰С – 45⁰С. This is an ideal option for those who can not withstand the temperature regimes of most saunas. Hamam can be supplemented with cosmetic or massage treatments and take a shower.

Before saunas visit, we recommend consulting with your doctor. In rare cases, contraindications are possible