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Treatment at the medical center “Vlado”
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The pride of the hotel complex “Three Sons and Daughter” of 5 stars in Skhidnytsia is the medical center “VLADO” which provides a wide range of medical services: from the diagnosis of various diseases to their treatment.

The main directions of recovery of the medical center:

Treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, colitis, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers.
Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, arthrosis of different etiologies, different types of osteochondrosis, etc.

The professional approach used by the medical center “VLADO” in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases gives good results. And the use of medical waters of Skhidnitsa in the hotel’s buvet and walks on the beautiful Carpathian nature, make the treatment even more useful and effective.

The schedule of the medical center:
Daily – 09:00-21:00


For the comfort of guests in the hotel complex «Try Syny ta Don’ka» 5* there is an opportunity to use medicinal waters without leaving the hotel. At your service there is a comfortable and modern buvet in which there are water sources of the resort Skhidnitsa.
In the pump room are the waters of the six main sources Skhidnytsia. During the day, the water is stored here in compliance with all norms, which guarantees the full preservation of its chemical composition and therapeutic properties. The water in the pump room is regularly updated, and guests have the opportunity to choose the optimum temperature for themselves.


Before the start of recovery, it is necessary to conduct a full examination of the patient. Therefore, the medical center “Vlado” made a big bet on the consulting and diagnostic department, combining in it the professionalism of workers and modern diagnostic equipment.

In the medical center “Vlado” you can pass all the necessary examinations and find out the exact diagnosis. Despite the profile of the resort, almost all types of diseases are skillfully diagnosed here, which makes it possible to build a proper and effective treatment later.

In the medical center “Vlado” you can get advice from these doctors:

• Therapist
• Orthopedic and traumatologist
• Reflexologist
• Urologist
• Andrologist
• nutritionist
• Endocrinologist
• Otolaryngologist (ENT doctor)
• Neuropathologist
• Cardiologist
• Gynecologist
• Proctologist
• Ultrasound doctor
• Cosmetologist


Fast and high-quality laboratory diagnostics is the key to making a correct diagnosis and timely and effective treatment. The clinical and biochemical laboratory of the Vlado Medical Center is notable for the speed and accuracy of the tests performed. It conducts all the necessary clinical examinations that contribute to accurate diagnosis.

The laboratory uses advanced technologies in its work, conducts research using modern devices, which makes the results of the survey more accurate.

The quality of the research is provided by:

• high-tech European equipment of the newest type.
• high-quality reagents and consumables from leading manufacturers in the world.
• internal quality control system using certified control materials.
• highly qualified staff.

Qualified specialists work here, thanks to the careful work of which the results of analyzes of our patients are always highly accurate.

Medical center “Vlado” uses only disposable tableware for laboratory research. Here is a well-established internal laboratory quality control, always carried out thorough preparation for the research phase. All information is always entered in the protocols and stored in the archives of the medical center, which ensures the reliability of the results.

List of laboratory tests:

• biochemical blood tests;
• cytological examination;
• parasitological studies;
• diagnosis of infectious diseases;
• hormone diagnostics;
• oncological markers;
• assessment of hemostasis (coagulogram);
• immunological studies and autoimmunology;
• genetic research;
• allergic studies.


Functional diagnostics makes it possible to accurately and painlessly check the functioning of organs and organ systems and diagnose minimal deviations from the norm. Functional research methods for many years demonstrate significant advantages in the study of the organism. They allow us to quickly, comfortably, efficiently and as accurately as possible determine the necessary information on the state of work of our bodies.

Functional research procedures are as simple as possible, painless and not at all harmful to the body. In addition, functional diagnostics is simply indispensable in the examination and formulation of an accurate diagnosis. Modern new methods of diagnostic devices make it possible to very accurately examine each organ. The “free hand” method in ultrasound diagnostics makes it possible to observe the work of the organs in the 3D format, it is even better to see their functioning, to notice shortcomings in the work and to understand the reasons for their occurrence.

The functional diagnostics of the “Vlado” Medical Center is at a very high level. The professionalism of specialists, combined with the newest models of diagnostic devices, makes it possible to quickly and accurately examine patients and diagnose existing diseases. The speed and accuracy of diagnosis makes it possible to build the correct and effective treatment.


The treatment and rehabilitation department of the Vlado Medical Center provides direct treatment for diagnosed diseases and rehabilitates patients after their operations.

In order to be the most effective, the treatment should be carried out comprehensively, providing the patient with a full range of medical procedures and mandatory rehabilitation. For this, the Vlado Medical Center has built a well-coordinated work of all structural departments and organized a wide range of treatment and rehabilitation procedures that ensure prompt, comfortable and most importantly effective treatment.

Patients are treated by leading experts in the region, applying successful techniques of world medicine. Rehabilitation is carried out with the use of a wide range of effective procedures: both traditional and alternative medicine. Specialists of the center pre-build the scheme of the treatment and rehabilitation process, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body of each patient. Compliance with their patient gives you the opportunity to quickly obtain predictable results from treatment.

Rehabilitation at the Vlado Medical Center is also highly effective due to the magnificent nature, clean mountain air and the sources of Skhodnitsa medicinal waters. All this contributes to the rapid improvement of the body and improve the overall well-being of our guests.

Treatment and rehabilitation at the medical center “Vlado” is a broad profile and highly professional. Here you can qualitatively treat existing diseases or simply heal your body.

Physical therapy is an important component of a person’s physical rehabilitation. It is based on the use of the physiological effects of natural or artificial factors on the human body and applying them for therapeutic or prophylactic purposes. The main methods used in physiotherapy are hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, electrotherapy, phototherapy and ultrasound therapy. These methods have repeatedly proved their therapeutic effects on the human body.

A modern complex of physiotherapeutic procedures of the Vlado Medical Center provides a wide opportunities for the prevention, rehabilitation and restoration of the body with the help of the most modern equipment from leading companies in Germany, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

The most popular and effective are such physiotherapeutic procedures:

• Electrotherapy
• hydrocolonotherapy
• Ultrasound therapy
• Laser therapy
• Lymphatic drainage pressure therapy
• “Dry” carbonic bath
• Hydrolaser gum irrigation
• Shock wave therapy
• Hydrotherapy
• Ozokeritotherapy.


Depending on the need or desire, in honey. The center can use the services of massage therapists who professionally own the world’s leading massage techniques.

• Classic massage
• Thai massage
• Ayurveda
• Stone massage.


Medical center “Vlado” provides a wide range of aesthetic medicine services, which allows guests to always be well-groomed, beautiful and self-confident. For this purpose, the center employees apply the best world practices and use natural and effective cosmetics.

Cosmetic procedures in the medical center are carried out by highly qualified specialists using the best cosmetic products based on natural ingredients.